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Peacemakers Publishing and Publicity Group helps those with a divine message get that message out at a fraction of the cost of large publishing houses.

The Ministry is Expanding! More Coming Soon…

Dear Friend,

In 2006 I wrote a book called Fighting the Next American Revolution. The purpose of the book was to wake up and mobilize patriotic God-fearing Americans to the looming danger to our Republic. No big-name Christian ministry or organization was willing to use their significant resources to help turn America back to its Christian roots. Therefore, this will have to be a grassroots movement. Will you help, today?

After years of frustration, I prayed and asked God, “Why?” He responded, “Everyone wants to be Moses. Nobody is willing to be Aaron and Hur. I need you to take up this mantle!”

For those of you familiar with the reference found in Exodus 17:8-13, Israel’s enemies (Amalek) prevailed over the children of Israel until Aaron and Hur supported Moses’ up-raised hands, with Aaron on one side, and Hur on the other.

Since God spoke to me, our outreach has been searching for every kingdom-minded person who has been brought into our path. We have helped them in any way possible; including funding, promoting, and providing other types of professional support.

Our desire has been to lift up the hands of these divinely-called individuals. Now, we need you to help hold up our hands! Will you partner with us, today?

We are on the verge of launching Peacemakers Publishing and Publicity Group to help those with a divine message get that message out at a fraction of the cost of large Christian ministries, businesses or organizations. Many big ministries seem more concerned with how much money they can make than they are in genuinely helping others who have, in many cases, made great sacrifices to answer the call on their lives.

The time for change is now. We are called to lead a media revolution! [See Video]. Christian journalists have a powerful voice in providing a counter-narrative to secular media, while speaking truth to the public. Peacemakers’ vision is to create a network of professional journalists to rival the mainstream media.

Phase #1 – Peacemakers Publishing and Publicity Group will help publish books for current Christian and patriotic authors. The publicity side of the ministry is being designed to promote the message of talented writers and speakers. Utilizing motivational speakers, we will host boot camps and workshops, plus give awards for those already doing a great job.

Phase #2 Studio Creation Course – We also want to help seasoned writers and speakers who have no idea how to get their message to the masses. We are in the process of creating a Studio Creation Course which will serve as a Master Class on how to set up a studio, create a website and get their shows on many of the growing number of platforms such as Brighteon.TV, Conservative Television of America and others.

Will you partner with us, today? We need only $5000 this month, to make Phase 1 upgrades to the ministry infrastructure as we move forward with God’s vision for Peacemakers Publishing and Publicity Group. Will you help me build Peacemakers Publishing?

Your most generous gift today will make all the difference in training up the next generation of Christian journalists in this media revolution!

Let’s grow together and advance the Kingdom of God; being obedient to Jesus’ mandate for us to “occupy till I come!” 

Thank you for your generous support.

God bless you,

Dr. John Diamond America Unhinged Radio, 721 Hatch Street, Corry, PA, 16407

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